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Enquiry from DeSmog 

Enquiry from DeSmog:

Sam Bright <> Tue, 14 May 2024 at 21:23


For the attention of AML Global and Christopher Harborne,

My name's Sam Bright – I'm a journalist at DeSmog.

I'm getting in touch to offer you the opportunity to comment on an article we're planning on publishing.

The article will state that:

- The UK Conservative Party has received £8.3 million since the 2019 general election from the oil and

gas sector, highly polluting industries, and individuals who have expressed or supported climate

science denial.

- Aviation entrepreneur Christopher Harborne has given more than £1.6 million to the party since the

last election. Harborne is the owner of AML Global, an aviation fuel supplier operating in 1,200 locations

across the globe with a distribution network that includes “main and regional oil companies”, according

to its website. Harborne is also the CEO of Sheriff Global Group, which trades in private jets.

- Harborne has also given £465,000 to Reform UK, the country’s most overtly anti-net zero political party,

since December 2019.

- Aviation emissions accounted for eight percent of the UK’s annual greenhouse gas emissions before

the pandemic, according to the government’s Climate Change Committee (CCC).

Please let me know if you're willing / able to offer a comment – our deadline is 11am (UK time) on

Friday 17 May.

Kind regards,


Sam Bright - UK Deputy Editor | DeSmog

X: @desmog (@WritesBright)

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